Visit in 2017


Why visit Security & Policing?

Security & Policing provides the opportunity to view the latest developments in the UK security market with almost 400 companies exhibiting under the one roof. The exhibition provides a discreet environment for you to test and evaluate products and services and determine their impact on your organisation. The unique three day environment also incorporates live demonstrations, briefings and immersive experiences.

Key Reasons at a glance

  • The only Home Office event of it’s kind
  • Opportunity to engage with up to 400 exhibitors
  • FREE to attend for qualifying visitors
  • Live product demonstrations & briefings
  • Exclusive opportunity to view cutting edge technologies
  • Strict Home Office criteria ensures a secure environment



Latest Security & Policing News

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Thinking of visiting in 2018?

All visitors are subject to Home Office Approval. Registrations will open soon.

Registrations are closed