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Government & Industry Programme

Current National and International Initiatives

Home Office National Policing Programmes - Stephen Webb will outline the Home Office’s national digital programmes, representing a £1bn investment over the next few years, and how they will deliver substantial operational, cost and efficiency benefits:

- Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme, replacing Airwave with critical voice and data over commercial 4G network
- Home Office Biometrics Programme, building a new platform to deliver fingerprint, DNA and facial recognition
- The National Law Enforcement Data Programme, replacing PNC and PND with a national policing data service
- National ANPR Service, rolling out a national automatic number plate recognition service

Stephen Webb, Director of Law Enforcement Programmes, Home Office

Export Support to the Security Sector - Established in July 2016, the Department for International Trade is responsible for promoting British trade across the world and ensuring the UK takes advantage of the range of trade opportunities available. Fleur Thomas, Regional Director of Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) will talk about the role of the new Department within HMG, how important international trade is to the UK, and why overseas customers should choose the UK as a trade partner. Fleur will also explain what assistance DSO can offer companies, both primes and small and medium sized enterprises to help them export.

Fleur Thomas, Regional Director of The Defence and Security Organisation (DSO) , Department for International Trade

Marauding Terrorist Threat

Lucy D'Orsi, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service

Risks and Opportunities: the perspective of a Prison Governor - Our prisons have been sometimes described as out of sight and out of mind, however within our prisons are microcosms of society, communities and places where there is both risk and opportunity. From the perspective of the Prison Governor it is important that both are managed well. There are critical obligations around the maintenance of safety, decency and security and some of the challenges that can arise within prisons. Equally there is a need to retain an enduring focus on creating a community within a prison which is pro-social, positive and focused on rehabilitation and reform.

Ed Cornmell, Governor at Full Sutton category A prison

International Forum for First Responders

Phil Waters, Programme Manager, US Department of Homeland Security

Changing Landscape of Policing and the Opportunity for Technology

Lucy D'Orsi, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service

Joint Security & Resilience Centre (JSaRC) - Introducing the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC); established by the Home Office as a 50/50 resourced government department with the UK’s security sector.
We will set out why we have been established and how by working smarter and more collaboratively, government and the sector can develop the right solutions to meet the immediate and longer- term security threats our country faces. It will be an opportunity to share examples of current initiatives, recent successes and explain what we will need from you in the future to help make this happen and in doing so strengthen the UK security sector.

Jane Cannon MBE, Director for Security Industry Engagement, Home Office

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